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  • Peter Parker's High School Classmates




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Synopsis for "Kraven the Hunter!"Edit

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Spider-Man swings down and catches a group organizing a bank robbery and upon dropping in unexpectedly, a man escapes in a puff of smoke and changes his costume until he can hide. The criminal actually was The Chameleon in disguise and he plots to rid the world of Spider-Man. The Chameleon comes up with the idea of contacting his friend Kraven the Hunter. Parker finds this out firsthand when taking photographs for The Daily Bugle when Kraven arrives by boat. After studying Spider-Man's fighting style, by organizing a robbery for Spider-Man to stop. Kraven finally comes out of hiding and fights Spider-Man. Spider-Man realizes the true strength of Kraven and also realizes that Kraven cheats by infecting his opposition with drugs that weaken them. Spider-Man retreats to fight another day. Pete however begins to get the shakes so bad that he can't hold a test tube or shoot a web straight. He decides to track Kraven's future location by attaching a Spider-Tracer and is led into a nearby forest where he faces Kraven. After a few tricks and traps, Spider-Man finally catches hold of what appears to be Kraven but is actually The Chameleon in disguise. After learning this, Spider-Man hunts down and finds the real Kraven, intimidates and overpowers him with his agility and strength. After fighting, Kraven ends up running into a giant sticky web to be picked up by the police. Kraven and The Chameleon are then deported, with Kraven swearing revenge upon Spider-Man.



  • In this issue, we have the first mention of Mary Jane, although she won't appear for the first time until Amazing Spider-Man #25. Peter was supposed to see Mary Jane on a blind date, but she canceled due to a bad headache. However, it will later be revealed that the "headache" was merely an excuse.

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