Appearing in "The Longest Hundred Yards!"Edit

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  • Paine

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Synopsis for "The Longest Hundred Yards!"Edit

Pete is in trouble with Mary Jane after leaving her to go fight the Shocker. After Mary Jane and Pete make up, Ned Leeds catches up with Pete for help on an interview with Dr. Bradley Bolton, a famous computer scientist and former football star. As they listen to his story of his last football game, a note is delivered to the doctor as we see that Paine, has kidnapped Mindy Bolton, Dr. Bradley Bolton's daughter. Paine explains that he will keep her as a hostage until a specific computer part is delivered for his use. Meanwhile, Pete goes back and while dancing (and ditching) Mary Jane, he follows Dr. Bradley Bolton to try and help save his daughter. Although the doctor dies from gunshot wounds, his daughter is safe thanks to Spider-Man.


  • Gives detailed explanation about the Jackal, Peter Parker's clone as well as Gwen Stacy's clone replacing the normal letters section


  • No trivia.

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