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Peter is given a hard time for not calling Mary Jane Watson and setting up a blind date with her. In order to get some peace and quiet, Pete heads out as Spider-Man. When swinging around, he notices a gang of criminals escaping with bags of money who decide to attack a nearby bystander who might place them at the crime scene. That witness is actually none other than Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil), but Spider-Man sees a poor blind man in need of help and rounds up the criminals. Foggy and Karen (law office associates of Murdock) are waiting on Matt in the office and invite him to go to the circus despite his blindness to have a good time. At the circus we see The Ringmaster and his crew preparing the final touches, falsely claiming that Spider-Man himself will show up for charity to lure more people into their trap. The show begins and Spider-Man (feeling obligated because it's charity) appears much to the crowd's delight and gives off an acrobatic show like no other. Soon enough, The Ringmaster sets out his plan and uses his hat to hypnotize not only the audience, but also Spider-Man himself, so he can rob them. Matt Murdock (not affected by the hypnosis) senses the disturbance and becomes Daredevil to take on the crooks. The Ringmaster uses his hat to get Spider-Man to fight and protect him as he takes on Daredevil himself. After a brief fight, Daredevil grabs the hat with his cane and removes the spell on Spider-Man then slowly goes back to the crowd as Matt Murdock. Spider-Man cleans up the rest of the carnival crooks by riding the Human Bullet and tying up the crooks. After the hypnosis is removed from the crowd, Matt naturally offers his services as a defense attorney to the now arrested Ringmaster.



  • The Human Cannonball calls himself the Great Gambino in this Issue (which is probably an Oversight by Stan Lee considering his Teammates, the Great Gambonnos)

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