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Flash Thompson announces to his classmates that he's forming the Spider-Man Fan Club and everyone (except Peter Parker) is invited. As Peter is walking home, he notices three mysterious figures getting into a helicopter making some sort of getaway. As Spider-Man leaps up into the helicopter, the film's director is furious for him ruining the shot of the movie and Spider-Man is ridiculed by The Daily Bugle and others for his mistake. While walking Betty Brant home, Liz Allan sees Peter and shows him an ad in the newspaper about the Spider-Man Fan Club and it promises an appearance by Spider-Man himself. Flash figures that if he says it's so, Spider-Man won't disappoint his fans, and Peter realizes he ought to show, but doesn't know how. As the discussion continues, his Spider-Sense goes off from a mysterious figure in a purple hat whom he doesn't recognize. Finally, Spider-Man goes to the fan club meeting and as he swings in, his web line is snapped by an electronic frog. Johnny Storm sees this and realizes that the acrobatic maneuver Spider-Man just did to land to save his life wasn't part of the show. His suspicions are confirmed when Green Goblin enters on his new improved glider. The crowd, thinking it's part of the show goes along with it, cheering Spider-Man in the fight. Johnny not being fooled, becomes Human Torch and begins to battle with Green Goblin. Spider-Man continues to fight alongside Human Torch when he hears someone on the phone say Aunt May has suffered a heart attack. Panicked, Spider-Man flees the scene, leaving Human Torch to handle Green Goblin, but the Goblin flies away for another day. Spider-Man is ridiculed for being yellow and a coward for running away, and Peter is upset that despite all his superpowers he still can't protect Aunt May or do anything to help her.


  • The Green Goblin trades in his Flying Broomstick for his more familiar Goblin Glider in this story.
  • Aunt May has her first heart attack behind the scenes in this story.
  • This issue is reprinted in Amazing Spider-Man # 3 (Pocket Books).


  • Liz Allan's father is mistakenly called "Mr. Brant" in this story.

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