Quote1 How did someone like me ever have a sniveling weakling of a son like you?!! Quote2
-- Norman Osborn to his son Harry

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Synopsis for "Spidey Saves the Day!"Edit

Pete is trapped by Norman Osborn who’s revealed himself to be the Green Goblin. Pete stalls him, mentioning Harry and playing with his emotions to get him to talk. Norman tells how he worked constantly to provide and always paid more attention to work than to his son. He reveals how Professor Stromm only borrowed money from a shared account, but Norman called the police reporting it as theft, leaving the company in his hands. Norman continues, saying Stromm had left formulas behind, and he decided to research them. As he was working on one, it exploded and hospitalized him. This transformation changed him and he planned to use his company’s resources to become a super-criminal. At home, Aunt May is worried sick over Pete not calling her and Anna Watson calls in Dr. Bromwell. Meanwhile, Betty Brant is in a train station realizing she must return to New York and face everyone but unsure how. Pete is still working on the steel bonds and the Goblin recounts when Spider-Man has fought him and skews them as victories. He finishes his story and frees Pete to fight him on even terms. As they fight, the Goblin pulls out stun bombs, an electrical whip, and finally a Goblin Cannon. As Spider-Man delivers a kick, the Goblin goes into a mixture of live wires and chemicals and a fire starts. Spider-Man rushes over not wanting to kill him, but Norman doesn’t know where he is or why he’s in costume. Not wanting to destroy his reputation or Harry’s feelings, he’s quickly changed out of his costume for the police to take him to a hospital. Pete rushes home and Dr. Bromwell has just sedated Aunt May. Aunt May begins to take care of Pete’s “fever” and Harry visits his dad in the hospital.



  • Mike Esposito is credited as Mickey Demeo

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