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Peter, wearing Ben's Scarlet Spider costume, visits Detective Raven to convince him of Parker's innocence. Raven bears the same facial mark, recently caused by Kaine (in SM #57, '95), as the murdered Doc Ock, Grim Hunter, and Salt Lake City detective Louise Kennedy for whose killing Peter was arrested. Raven believes Peter and Ben are the same man and seeks their connection to Kaine. Peter returns home to find Mary Jane upset over Seward Trainer's test that shows Peter's irradiated blood may affect their unborn baby. Before the conversation is finished, Traveller renders MJ unconscious. Studying how much suffering Spider- Man will bear for others, he presents Peter with a globe containing Aunt May's soul and offers to restore her to life if Peter will allow the sacrifice of another. Peter believes it's illusory, but crushes the globe and frees May anyway. Traveller admits the ruse, then transports them twenty-four hours forward. New York is destroyed. This, he says, is all too real and all Peter's fault.


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