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Peter averts New York's destruction and saves Traveller's life (SM #59, '95). As his trial begins with Ben in his stead (WoSM #126, '95), Spider-Man fights Kaine trying to force him to confess to Louise Kennedy's murder until Traveller whisks them both to Ravencroft. Levying the charge that Spider-Man's existence leads to the creation of super villains. Traveller presides over a mock trial with all the Ravencroft inmates in attendance. Kaine serves as defense attorney while Carnage acts as prosecutor. Meanwhile, Peter's double-life makes it hard for Mary Jane to answer questions about him in the murder trial, hurting his case. At Ravencroft, Carnage unmasks Spidey, the inmates declare him guilty, and Traveller sentences him to death. Kaine fights to defend him, willing to sacrifice himself, which convinces Traveller of Spidey's selflessness. He reverses the verdict, returns Spidey and Kaine to their previous spot and right to Stunner who seeks revenge on Kaine for killing Dr. Octopus (PPSSM #221, '95), then removes all memory of Spidey's identity from Carnage and the other inmates' minds.


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