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The newly recharged Electro agrees to defend Rose and Delilah against Black Tarantula's True Believers. Madame Qwa assigns Dragonfly to kill Joe Robertson who talks to Ben Urich about his Black Tarantula story. Angela Yin introduces Robbie to her cousin Meiko who follows him as Dragonfly along with a group of True Believers. Her attack attracts Spidey and Electro, who makes short work of the True Believers, then shocks Dragonfly into unconsciousness. Spidey, plagued by headaches since Morbius bit him (SM #77, '97), battles Electro as Robbie pulls Dragonfly from the battle. Now in his debt, she spares him. Robbie questions her about the Tarantula. Electro uses his enhanced abilities to disrupt the electrical impulses in Spidey's brain. He forces Spidey to beg for his life, then leaves. Robbie informs Spidey that he let Dragonfly and the Believers escape in order to pursue the story.


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