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Elektra battles the Hand to learn why they have returned to New York, learning they plan to deal with their hereditary blood enemies, the True Believers. Spidey is still plagued by debilitating headaches while, at the Daily Bugle, JJJ realizes their True Believers expose could endanger the entire Bugle staff. Elsewhere, Madame Qwa orders Dragonfly to kill her cousin Angela to atone for failing to kill Robbie, putting Yano on Dragonfly's trail. Elektra allies with the Rose against the True Believers. Dragonfly cannot bring herself to kill Angela. The Rose's street operatives inform Elektra and Spidey that the Believers are at the West Side train yards, where Yano prepares to kill Dragonfly for her latest failure. At the Bugle, a frightened JJJ plans to leave town. Spidey and Elektra join Dragonfly to defeat the True Believers. Spidey, headache-ridden and obsessed with his loss to Electro, nearly kills a ninja before Elektra convinces him to reject the "seductive call of the abyss." Digesting the same lesson, Dragonfly decides to seek the correct path. In Argentina, Black Tarantula learns of the Believers' latest defeat and decides to go to New York himself.


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