Quote1 Enough foreplay. My boo-boos have boo-boos and I'm ticked off. Quote2
-- Lady Deadpool

Appearing in the 1st StoryEdit

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Solicit Synopsis:Edit

“POOLPOCALYPSE NOW: MINDFIELD” Enter: The Awareness – a cosmic mind that has devoured the consciousness of a million worlds and is now heading toward Earth! All that stands between it and its next meal is…The Deadpool Corps! But these hors d’oeuvres have no intention of going down easy. If you think what’s going on between Wade Wilson’s ears is weird, brace yourself for the warped subconscious of Lady Deadpool…Headpool…Kidpool…and >ruff ruff< DogpooL.


  • No special notes.


  • This cover is an homage to Guns N' Roses "Appetite For Destruction" album cover. [1]

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