Quote1 have dolphin teeth. Quote2
-- Deadpool [[Quotation:: have dolphin teeth. | ]]

Appearing in "How Low Can You Go? Part 1: Dead in the Water"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Robbie
  • Tom




Synopsis for "How Low Can You Go? Part 1: Dead in the Water"Edit

Deadpool washes up on a beach, getting his eye poked with a stick by a little punk kid. He later finds himself in a homeless shelter with a really hot chick, and to impress her, he's going to take out Tiger Shark, who's been informed that his contract is incomplete because Deadpool's, ya know, NOT dead. He tells the cops that he's inside killing hostages, who break in a fill him full of bullets (one way to get out of the situation), but when he unzips the body bag, he's not in the morgue, but on a pier, with Tiger Shark ready to kill him (again). But it's Bob, Agent of HYDRA to the (not so) rescue. He throws (like a girl) a gun towards Deadpool, but of course it lands in the water. Deadpool dives into the water after it, with Tiger Shark right behind him.


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