No way! You know how much I could get for a real Iron Man breast plate on eBay? Let's just use the time to come up with more jokes about Osborn's hair, okay?
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Deadpool's inner voice
It looks like it was grown in a Petri dish.
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Haw! Nice one! His hairline isn't receding-- it's running away from his face!
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Norman Osborn
Who the hell is he talking to..?
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That boy's got a doo-doo head!
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Appearing in "Magnum Opus Part 1: All Your Base Are Belong To Us"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Robot Bats


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Magnum Opus Part 1: All Your Base Are Belong To Us"Edit

Our boy Deadpool is determined to make Osborn pay him the money that is owed to him. He breaks into Avengers Tower, and tries to fight his way towards Osborn, only he's not there. But standing in his way are the (newer) Thunderbolts.


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