aka Nathan Elliott

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  • I live in Albuquerque, NM
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is Nuclear Physicist
  • I am Male
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  • One day, long, long ago, you created a page on The Walking Dead Wiki for help regarding the creation of portals. Looking into your past edits, you generally seem to understand how to create templates and such to a high degree (more than what I can do) which brings me to ask you this: could you create a template/portal for a newsletter?

    We have come to give having a newsletter a try after seeing how it has turned out in several other wiki's (Fallout's among others). We have conjured a set of topics to be included as well as a committee to run it. It is all now just waiting to be assembled and this is where I' am having difficulties.

    I have attempted copying several portal templates and have recently tried out the portal stuff that was left on the Portal page you created to no avail. My general understanding of it all is very limited which does not help. It is this that brings me to ask you if could help me in creating this for the wiki. When you have time of course. It would very much be appreciated!

    Message me when you are able,

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