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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 611 +My mother's dead  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 3 +Wade... only thing that can help '''me''' is '''your''' blood. Only thing that can help '''you''' is '''mine'''  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 12 +What happened to Agent X-- Oh.  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 15 +...if even Spider-Man could be corrupted...  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 19 +For hundreds of years, mutants fought for '''equality''', humans for '''survival''' of their species. Hundreds more as the last vestiges of humanity fought us for '''freedom'''. Hundreds more as mutants fought each other...  +
Deadpool Corps Vol 1 3 +Shorty, put this through the tactical computer. How long can we last in a firefight against all those ships?  +
Deadpool Vol 1 10 +You can do what you want to us, vile scum! But when you start messing with the aged... That's where the Lightning Rods draw the line!  +
Deadpool Vol 2 8 +No way! You know how much I could get for a real Iron Man breast plate on eBay? Let's just use the time to come up with more jokes about Osborn's hair, okay?  +
Deadpool Vol 2 13 +You are like demented clown, sent from Heaven on wings of angel.  +
Deadpool Vol 2 18 +I don't know what to say...  +
Deadpool: Sins of the Past Vol 1 3 +Can ye just '''shut up''' for '''one moment!?!'''  +
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 41 +But, more importantly really... the answer to '''both''' of my questions is you don't know any more about this than I do.  +
Wolverine Vol 4 5.1 +Happy birthday, Logan. It's the first real one you've had in a hundred years. Please, just enjoy it. You deserve it. Still mad at me?  +
Wolverine: Origins Vol 1 23 +Heh Heh Heh.  +
X-Force Vol 1 15 +I'd like nothing more right now than for us to go do something private -- something relaxing -- something only the two of us could do together...  +
X-Force Vol 1 71 +Tell me again how we got into this mess?  +
X-Force Vol 1 76 +I don't want to fight you, Domino, but I have no choice. I promise to end this '''quickly.'''  +
X-Force Vol 3 21 +What was that all about? Who were those #@$%^&*@?!  +

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