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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 611 +Your mother is so ugly that a Skrull tried to copy her during the invasion and died...of ugly.  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 12 +I ''knew'' you'd peek.  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 19 +for equality... for survival... for freedom...  +
Deadpool Corps Vol 1 3 +Signal our surrender.  +
Deadpool Vol 2 8 +Haw! Nice one! His hairline isn't receding-- it's running away from his face!  +
Deadpool Vol 2 18 +...other than "get the hell out of here and don't come back."  +
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 41 +And yet you talked trash when I showed up late.  +
X-Force Vol 1 15 +Oh yeah, that's Domino all right!  +
X-Force Vol 3 21 +...Well, you must have been one hell of a teacher.  +

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