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Agent X Vol 1 1 +I'm...''not''....Wilson  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 1 +I hope they find that horrible Spider-Man and lock him up before he can do any harm!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 2 +Well well! So teacher's pet is gonna help the nice little doctor with some experiments this week-end, eh? While us other dumbheads waste time having dates and livin' it up!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 4 +Who, that coward? He's probably hidin' with his head under a desk somewhere!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 11 +If only '''Peter''' were here! '''He's''' the only one I can turn to... But, it's too late! Everything's too late... And Bennett is dead... Because of Spider-Man!!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 18 +...And that means Spider-Man is going into action again! I'll fight as I've never fought before!! Nothing will stop me now! For I know at last that a man can't change his destiny... and I was born to be... Spider-Man!!!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 40 +How did someone like me ever have a sniveling weakling of a son like you?!!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 42 +Face it just hit the jackpot!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 121 +She was dead before your webbing reached her! A fall from that height would kill anyone before they struck the ground.  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 136 +Holy Cow! It's really him -- The Green Goblin lives again!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 175 +I said that you owed me a life. I never said that it had to be mine.  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 381 +Ahhh, what a delightful aroma! Chanel No. 5 and Oregano!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 382 +I thought hassles about guys with long hair went out with the 60's!  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 383 +You're to be tried for the crime of bringing Venom's alien costume to Earth! only when you've been properly convicted we will carry out the execution!"  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 384 +Spider-Man, you've been found guilty of crimes against humanity. The punishment, to be carried out immediately, is-- '''Death!'''  +
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 611 +Not enough to justify what's about to happen to my pedicure. And I paid extra for the little Blackest Night symbols, too. My feets is a rainbow of power...  +
Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way! Vol 1 2 +Duh! Paper or plastic? Hellooo? You have any idea what plastic bags do to the environment? I'm Al Gore's message of death, bee-yotch!  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 1 +Well if it isn't Nathan Christopher Dayspring Askani'son Summers... or are you just calling yourself Priscilla now?  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 7 +Don't you ninja monks ever shower? I mean, what are you...'''french'''?  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 10 +I've been from the future to the past and back again...but I've run out of time  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 11 +Hey. Naked Avengers painted on the side of the pool. This guy's a loser but he's my kind of loser. Where's '''Sue Richards'''...? Duh, '''Invisible'''  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 12 +...For the love of ''Bill Gates'', this thing is adorable...  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 17 +No--wait-- do you have any idea how many '''STD's''' I could have?  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 20 +Did you ever have one of those lives...?  +
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 22 +'''''Rolaids''''' only has seven letters.  +

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